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Equities shrugged off the drop in oil as consumer confidence rose and the perception that Hillary Clinton beat Donald Trump in their first debate. Commenting about the latter, The Establishment and Wall Street is desirous for a Clinton presidency.  As noted yesterday, Wall Street is comfortable with the known versus the unknown.  Is Trump the … Read more

Have Oil Prices Bottomed?

Have oil prices bottomed?  Was the high profile merger between two industry behemoths an indicator of prices bottoming and the harbinger of mergers to occur?  Wire services report in order for the merger to be economically feasible, oil is expected to average $67 barrel in 2015, $75 in 2016 and 2017 then $90 barrel through … Read more

Approximately 15-16 Years Ago the Prevailing View on Wall Street is That the Business Cycle was Dead.

Approximately 15-16 years ago the prevailing view on Wall Street is that the business cycle was dead.  The global economies had entered into a New Paradigm where this newly created multipolar interdependent world would make war and conflict prohibitly expensive under the simple guise that economics is the primary motivation of behavior.  The purse is … Read more